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Based just a short drive from Wimbledon in Chessington, Star-Tech Engineering Ltd is a dedicated Mercedes specialist offering a comprehensive range of automotive services. These include everything from Mercedes servicing, to repairs, diagnostics and MOT testing. In this article, we’ve taken a look at one of the most popular types of vehicle that we deal with on a day-to-day basis – the E Class. Specifically, the type of Mercedes repairs they often require.


If you yourself are suffering from an issue with an E Class, or indeed any other model of vehicle, we urge you to get in touch. We provide fast and accurate Mercedes diagnostics, and can ensure you’re kept off the road no longer than strictly necessary. So pick up the phone and give us a call on 020 8397 2666.


Common Issues With the Mercedes E Class


Rust Issues


If your E Class doesn’t have metallic paint, then it may be vulnerable to corrosion following paint chips. These need to be seen to urgently, so visit our Mercedes specialist near Wimbledon if you notice them, otherwise the rust could spread and compromise your vehicle. It’s rudimentary when it comes to Mercedes repairs, and if we notice it during routine Mercedes servicing or MOT testing, we’ll be sure to provide advice.


Heating Problems


Noticed a clicking noise when your heating is running? It could be at any, or all of the available settings. This is due to a common fault with the stepper motor, which will need to be replaced. Again, these are common Mercedes repairs that we regularly carry out for Wimbledon motorists, so there’s no need to be afraid you’ll be off the road for long! This isn’t a huge issue, and won’t cause you to fail MOT testing. So if we pick it up during Mercedes diagnostics, then it’s really down to you how to proceed.


Rough Idling


Is your engine idling roughly? This is usually due to your vehicle’s throttle body experiencing a build-up of carbon. Another effect may be a loss of acceleration. These issues can be fixed by our Mercedes specialists. They’ll carefully clean the throttle body, as well as the MAF sensor (which will improve performance).


Keep in mind that all vehicles have certain faults they’re more likely to exhibit than others, and the E Class is a highly reliable, high-spec vehicle that you shouldn’t be put off of. But the next time you require anything from Mercedes repairs, to Mercedes Servicing or MOT testing – call Star-Tec Engineering. There’s no better-reputed Mercedes specialist within such easy access of the Wimbledon area. Generic garages are less qualified to offer 100% accurate Mercedes diagnostics.


For fast, affordable repairs, servicing, diagnostics or MOT testing – call the Wimbledon area’s premier Mercedes specialist on 020 8397 2666.

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