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In another article, we’ve waxed lyrical about the benefits of the Mercedes C Class. It’s a popular vehicle in Wandsworth and the wider London area, and as a Mercedes specialist, we love to work on them. But no vehicle is perfect, at any price point. So in this article, the Star-Tec Engineering Ltd team has taken a look at some of the common issues that aren’t a surprise to find during Mercedes diagnostics, Mercedes servicing or MOT testing.


Each can be fixed with our fast and affordable Mercedes repairs, so don’t panic should you identify one. Just give us a call on 020 8397 2666. We can book in an appointment at our garage in Chessington, just a short drive from Wandsworth. There you can get the quality that only a true Mercedes specialist can offer – whether you’re in for Mercedes diagnostics, repairs, Mercedes servicing, MOT testing or one of the other services we provide.


Common Issues With the Mercedes C Class


MAF Sensor Failure


MAF sensors, as they are called, should be replaced every 50,000 miles or so. Their vital job is to measure both the volume and temperature of air that passes, enabling your vehicle’s fuel injection system to compensate for things like abnormally cold weather, and driving at high altitude. Sometimes, they can get blocked up and need to be cleaned, otherwise they can lead to a loss of power/acceleration. This is a tricky job for Wandsworth motorist to handle on a DIY basis, so visit our garage for accurate Mercedes diagnostics and speedy Mercedes repairs (this issue may also be identified / dealt with during Mercedes servicing and MOT testing).


Noisy Boot


Do you hear a noisy squeak when you open and close your boot? This is a simple case of the hinges lacking lubrication. You can quite easily do this on a DIY basis with common lubricants like WD40. If you’re uncomfortable doing so, wait until your next Mercedes servicing / MOT testing appointment and let us know of the issue; we’ll quickly deal with it!


Faulty Headlights


One minor drawback of the C Class is that their headlight bulbs are the gas discharge variety. Sometimes these can let in moisture, leading to eventual failure. The Mercedes repairs called for are obvious – fitting a replacement bulb. It goes without saying that having headlights that do not work will cause MOT testing failure when Wandsworth motorists visit our Mercedes specialist – so it’ll have to be dealt with should you wish to continue driving legally!


Suffering from any of the issues listed above, or require Mercedes diagnostics to get to the bottom of a different problem? Visit our Mercedes specialist near Wandworth!

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