Mercedes Viano 2004 Onwards W639

Mercedes Viano 2004 Onwards W639

    Common Faults


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    Central Locking System – It can malfunction requiring the central locking control unit replacement. However, the same symptom can appear due to a door being misaligned, so you should see if this is the reason before purchasing the control unit.


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    Injectors – These can cause serious problems. Aside from injectors failing, their seals can fail causing carbon build up sometimes requiring serious servicing, or even replacing the cylinder head.


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    Window Regulators – If they fail, electric windows stop working.


    Guide Price £ TBC

    I4 Diesel OM651 – Chain tensioner and simplex timing chain can wear after high mileages and limited access makes the replacement expensive.





    No recalls to report. Please let Star-Tec Engineering Ltd know if one has come out we have not shown.


    Model Types


    The W639 is a light van from Mercedes-Benz known as Vito, or Viano. There is a difference between the two, the Vito usually being the panel van for cargo transport and the Viano being partially or completely used for transporting passengers. The W639 is a second generation of the van produced from 2004 to 2014, receiving a facelift in 2010. There are two different wheelbases and three lengths.


    The car is also either a RWD or AWD, the former being far more common. Seating options are very wide, ranging from three in the Vito to standard six or seven, while eight seats came as an optional feature. Rear seats can slide in 1” increments, fold, recline and turn. A rear folding table came as standard equipment for passenger models with three rows of seats, so the interior of the W639 was extremely versatile, regardless of being used as cargo or passenger transportation option.


    Powering options range from a 2.2L I4 diesel and went all up to a V8 6L petrol, with four more engine sizes in the V6 arrangement. Some of the engines, like the one with the lowest displacement, offered several different versions differing in power output and technologies.

    The Vito London Taxi version came in 2008 with several additions like electric sliding doors and steps, rear-wheel steering for tight turns at speeds of up to 5 miles an hour, wheelchair accessibility and more.


    The Marco Polo is a camping version equipped with a stove, sink, fridge, wardrobe and versatile bed arrangements. That was designed to compete with the Volkswagen California.


    The facelift came in 2010 including new front and rear bumpers and lights designs, far better interiors, both in terms of design and materials and loads of new technologies developed in the meantime. The technology is what made the facelifted version far more efficient, comfortable and even plush.


    Trim Lines & Engines


    Depending on the market, there were several different special models and trim levels. The two most common ones were Trend and Ambiente. Both of them bring comprehensive seating configurations and practical features such as electric mirrors, front fog lights, air conditioning, roof rails, Bluetooth connectivity on later models, electric windows, remote central locking and more. Ambiente adds more luxury and style with 16” wheels, xenons, self-levelling suspension, leather steering wheel and upholstery as well as some wood for the interior.


    In 2007 a Sport trim level was introduced, featuring cruise control, leather steering wheel, air conditioning, electric windows, 17” wheels, fog lights and lots of chrome.


    Furthermore, there were a number of special edition models for various markets and a virtually countless list of optional features you could choose regardless of the trim level such as electrical sliding doors, parking sensors, panoramic sunroof and even a privacy glass.






    3.7 L V6 Petrol

    3.5 L V6 Petrol

    4.3 L V6 Petrol

    6.0 L V8 Petrol


    2.2 L L4 Diesel

    3.0 L V6 Diesel


    There are two transmission options. You can either opt for a six-speed manual, or a five-speed automatic.


    Model History


    The W639 came as a replacement for the first version of the Vito/Viano in 2003. It was a far better vehicle in every way. The styling was better, engines were far more efficient, especially after the facelift, interiors were far more comfortable and also of a higher quality. It also brought new technologies which, in spite of its van origins, made the W639 a respectably comfortable vehicle.


    In 2007 Mercedes introduced extended warranty to three years, regardless of mileage. The Sport-X version came the same year with a 3L V6 diesel with 204hp and some Brabus styling including 18” wheels and a new front spoiler.


    The London Taxi version came in 2008 offering rear-wheels steering, electric sliding doors, wheelchair accessibility and more. The upgraded Sport-X Blue also appeared with loads of chrome, Silverstone trim, multifunction steering wheel, COMAND, leather seats and more. Only 58 of these were made.


    The facelift came in 2010 and the car was significantly different after this. It came with sleeker styling, but more importantly, far better engines packed with new technologies for more power and lower fuel consumption and emissions – meeting Euro 5 standards and more comfort features, both in terms of design and technology.


    Vito E-Cell came in 2010 as well, offering 80 miles of range on electric power. It qualified for the Plug-In Van Grant which made it 20% cheaper.

    The W639 was replaced by the W447 in 2014.




    W639 Mercedes-Benz V-Class/Vito/Viano

    Model Year – 2003-2014

    Class – Light commercial vehicle

    Body Style – 5-door Van

    Drive Wheels – RWD / AWD

    Seating – 3, 5, 6, 7, or 8


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Mercedes Viano 2004 Onwards W639
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Mercedes Viano 2004 Onwards W639

Mercedes Viano 2004 Onwards W639

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