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Based in Chessington, not far from Tooting, Star-Tech Engineering Ltd is a trusted Mercedes specialist that offers a full range of services to keep your pride and joy in good shape, and on the road safely. From Mercedes servicing and Mercedes repairs, to diagnostics and MOT testing – if it’s an automotive service you’re in need of, we’ve got you covered.


The reasons for choosing a Mercedes specialist over a generic Tooting garage are plentiful. Firstly, we’re better qualified to provide accurate, fast Mercedes diagnostics, as we are constantly dealing with these beautiful vehicles every day of the week. Secondly, our quality of workmanship will simply be higher, due to our niche expertise. Finally, you won’t have to wait around while your garage sources in a part required for Mercedes repairs. We have almost everything you could imagine right at hand, to speed the process up.


But it may be that you’ve found our website not because you’re looking for the aforementioned Mercedes servicing, Mercedes diagnostics, Mercedes repairs or MOT testing offerings – and are instead looking for information about the world famous German manufacturer and its vehicles. So in this article, we’ve provided some information about two of the most popular models of Mercedes, and how they differ.


Learn About the C & E Class from Tooting’s Mercedes Specialist


C Class


This stands for Cabriolet. The standard C Class is a smaller sedan, while the CL Class is a lighter and sportier coupe with a bit of added luxury. The CLK is no longer in production, while the CLA is a C Class built with A and B class parts. It’s a bit smaller than the standard C Class, and prides itself on being a highly accessible four door, which feels like a coupe.


When well looked after via Mercedes servicing and MOT testing from a bona fide Mercedes specialist, like ours near Tooting, they can last a long time. But common issues found via Mercedes diagnostics, which lead to the need for Mercedes repairs, include MAF sensor issues, faulty headlights and noisy boots. All of these we can quickly repair at affordable prices.


E Class


This stands for Executive, and comes in various different configurations including sedan, coupe and wagon. They’re a mid-sized but luxurious line of vehicles that are often seen being employed as luxury taxis, not least in Tooting and the wider London area. For luxury at costs that won’t break the bank, E Class vehicles can’t be beaten.


Obviously, a vehicle like this needs the best care from a proper Mercedes specialist, which can provide a higher standard of service than a generic Tooting garage which doesn’t specialise in Mercedes repairs / Mercedes servicing and Mercedes diagnostics. So when you want to maintain your vehicle, get an issue seen to, or even fulfil your legal obligations via MOT testing, we urge you to choose us over the competition!



To book in Mercedes repairs, diagnostics, servicing or MOT testing at Tooting area’s best-loved Mercedes specialist, call Star-Tech Engineering on 020 8397 2666.

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