Mercedes SL-Class 2002 to 2011 R230 (W230)

Mercedes SL-Class 2002 to 2011 R230 (W230)

    Common Faults


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    Boot – Water can leak into boot due to failure of a seal at the rear end of the roof. This happens on early models.


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     “Electrics Off Line” – This warning sign may appear when you start the car and disappear after a few miles and could lead to electronic brakes failure.


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    Timing Chain Sprocket for Balancer Shaft – It can wear on M272 and M273 V6 petrols, which is a costly repair.


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    Central Locking – The vacuum pump can get affected by moisture which can cause malfunction


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    Water Leaks From C Pillar – These can cause a number of problems, ranging from water leaks in the boot, to rust, to major electrical damage


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    Common Issues – Vast majority of common issues and especially the ones dealing with electric niggles were successfully dealt with after the 2006 facelift.





    No recalls to report. Please let Star-Tec Engineering Ltd know if one has come out we have not shown.


    Model Types


    The R230 is a two-door roadster with RWD produced from 2002 to 2011. Its long life covered two facelifts and it came with a wide range of engines going from 3L V6 to 6L V12. The folding roof was made of aluminium. Moreover, it was available only with petrol engines. Transmissions were only automatic, either with five speeds, or seven a bit later on.


    In 2006 the first major facelift came, adding more to the standard equipment of all trim levels, improving handling significantly and introducing a number of new engines. The SL500, for example, then started featuring a 5.5 V8 with 388hp as opposed to the previous generation’s 302hp, while the SL600 came with a V12 with two turbos for a whopping 517hp. The 7G-Tronic became standard for all models and the 7G-Tronic Plus optional, adding faster shifts and shift paddles behind the steering wheel.


    Most importantly, the facelift did away with the most common issues of the pre-facelift R230. Simply put, after the 2006 facelift, this car became a lot better and models built from 2006 should be the ones to look for if you are buying a used R230.


    The 2008 facelift introduced a range of innovations, including the significantly altered styling and a set of completely new engines, improving both power and fuel efficiency. It was so different that many do not consider it a real R230, but a successor. However, the R231 came in 2012.


    Aside from the AMG models, which also brought loads of changes including the stunning 6.2L V8, instead of the 5.4L one, this generation also introduced a number of special edition models, such as the Edition IWC, SL65 AMG Black Edition, Night Edition and Grand Edition, made to celebrate 125 years since one of the fathers of the company, Karl Benz, invented the first car.


    Trim Lines & Engines


    The standard trim already includes loads of comfort features and even more safety ones. This car could easily compete with the best in the world of high-performance roadsters and coupes, due to its style, class, design and countless tech features many of which came from the W220 and W221 S-Class models, which were the absolute top of the industry at their time. Just some of the cool tech safety features include ABC, the first ever Sensonic Brake Control, which allows you to brake like you usually do, but prevents you from making deadly mistakes, ASR, Distronic, ESP, BAS and ABS. Moreover, just some of the comfort perks include automatic climate control, xenons, COMAND, heated leather seats, alloy wheels, electrically adjustable seats, windows and mirrors, headlight washers, heated mirrors, PAS, metallic paint, side airbags and a huge number of optional features including even a TV, phone, lumbar support and countless styling additions.





    3.0L 228 hp (170 kW) V6

    3.5L 268 hp (200 kW) V6

    3.5L 312 hp (232 kW) V6

    3.7 L 242 hp (180 kW) V6

    5.0L 302 hp (225 kW) V8

    5.4L 383 hp (286 kW) V8

    5.4L 469 hp (350 kW) V8

    5.4L 510 hp (380 kW) V8

    5.5L 493 hp (368 kW) V12

    5.5L 510 hp (380 kW) V12

    6.2L 518 hp (386 kW) V8

    6.0L 604 hp (450 kW) V12

    6.0L 661 hp (493 kW) V12


    There were only two transmission options: five-speed and seven-speed automatics. AMG models featured an additional SPEEDSHIFT MCT seven-speed option.


    Model History


    The car was introduced in 2001 as a 2002 model. It replaced the long-lasting R129, which in turn replaced the longer-lasting W107, so the SL-Class models tend to have long production runs.


    The first generation came with a huge number of tech features and a whole new look. The car was significantly different from the R129 and it moved a lot further towards incredibly sporty, but safe, cars featuring a lot of safety perks. However, these perks also meant that the car was packed with electronics which were known to create problems that were not very cheap to deal with. However, the 2006 facelift made the car a lot better in every way possible. The vast majority of common faults were dealt with and the engines became a lot better, boasting more power and better fuel efficiency. Furthermore, the ABC got updated and the revered 7G-Tronic became a standard feature with all new engines, improving response, fuel efficiency and performance. On the outside, the first facelift brought new bumpers, grille, wheels and tail lights. On the inside, higher quality leather for the upholstery (not that the previous one lacked in quality), more colour options, new roof opening system and interior details made of aluminium. The most notable powering change is the boost from 302hp to 383hp for the SL500.


    The 2008 facelift seems like a whole new car, making use of new design directions already familiar from other cars in the line-up and a lot of new tech features. The looks are far more aggressive, doing away with the rounded headlights, for example. In line with every new update, the engines became more powerful and more fuel efficient as well as new tech features as standard. The biggest change came in the form of the new 6.2L V8 for the SL63 AMG which boasted 518hp.




    R230 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

    Model Year – 2001-2011

    Class – Sports car/Grand tourer

    Body Style – Roadster

    Drive Wheels – RWD

    Seating – 2


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Mercedes SL-Class 2002 to 2011 R230 (W230)
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Mercedes SL-Class 2002 to 2011 R230 (W230)

Mercedes SL-Class 2002 to 2011 R230 (W230)

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