Mercedes S-Class 2013 Onwards W222

Mercedes S-Class 2013 Onwards W222

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    Reinstalling front seatbelts, checking if airbags work properly.


    Model Types


    The W222 is a full-size luxury car made from 2013. It went further in the attempts to create a wider space between the S-Class and other full-size luxury cars on the market, further improving the already remarkable technological achievements of the W221 and adding some new ones. Safety and comfort have been increased using tech like the Magic Body Control, for example, while existing systems like the Pre-Safe system got significant updates and improvements including new functionality. Furthermore, the W222 is also the next step of creating a car with modern technology while still preserving the reliability which made Mercedes-Benz the ultimate car manufacturer the first place.


    There are several different models. Apart from the commonly present long-wheelbase and short-wheelbase models, there is also the reinstalled Maybach version, which is heavily based on the W222, but also even more luxurious and longer. There has been a saying that the S-Class is not a car to drive, but a car to be driven in. With all behind-the-wheel fun, comfort and control, this may not be true anymore for the regular S-Class, since driving it is just too fun, but the ultimately plush Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, as it is called, certainly merits such a definition.


    Lastly, there is another return of a legend accompanying the current S-Class – the S-Class Coupe. Dubbed C217, it is obviously a successor to the C216, which lived its days under the CL-Class moniker, but the C217 is the first S-Class coupe since the previous century.


    There are also two AMG versions – the V8-powered S63 AMG and the top of the performance line-up is reserved for the V12-powered S65 AMG.


    Trim Lines & Engines


    There are only two trim lines – SE and AMG Line. However, the entry-level SE is already packed with features that are more suitable for a sci-fi film than a means of transport. The entry-level model has 18” alloy wheels, Airmatic, nine airbags, ESP, electrically adjustable heated leather seats, dual zone air conditioning, COMAND Online, Intelligent Light system, DAB radio, Magic Body Control (on some models) with Road Surface Scan which scans the road and prepares the suspension for the road surface ahead, six radar sensors and two infrared sensors, DISTRONIC PLUS with all new Steering Assist which can also follow the car in front of you if you are driving slowly in congested areas, or stay in the lane and follow the car ahead on the highway almost autonomously. There are also collision preventing and relieving features such as BAS PLUS with Cross-Traffic Assist, Pre-Safe with pedestrian detection and City Brake and Pre-Safe Plus and Impulse, COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS, ATTENTION ASSIST, ADAPTIVE BRAKE, Beltbags, Adaptive Highbeam Assist PLUS, Night View Assist PLUS and about 500 LEDs for the interior and exterior and much, much more.


    AMG Line adds styling changes, but long-wheelbase models and cars with V8 and V12 engines get further updates as standard. Plus there is almost an endless list of optional and customizing features for any version of the S-Class. A true leader in almost every field of the industry.






    S 320 L 3L

    S 400 L 3L

    S 400 HYBRID 3.5 l and electric motor

    S 500   4.7L

    S 500 PLUG-IN HYBRID 3 l and electric motor

    S 600, Maybach S600 6L

    S 63 AMG 5.5L

    S 65 AMG 6L



    S 300 BlueTEC HYBRID 2.2L and electric motor

    S 350 BlueTEC 3L


    The vast majority of cars make use of a seven-speed automatic transmission, with optional nine-speed automatic transmission with the S500 model and AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT for the AMG models.


    Model History


    The W222 came in 2013 following the W221 and it was significantly different from the previous model in terms of design, boasting less sharp and far more elegant lines. Also, use of lighter materials made it possible for the car to be about 200 pounds lighter in spite of being bigger than the previous model.


    Some of the engines gained some power, while interior features and design went from strength to strength with better quality of leather, wood, amazing lighting options for the interior and an endless count of comfort features.


    The S600 came in 2014 boasting a V12 bi-turbo engine with 530 horsepower and better fuel efficiency compared to the previous S600 model. It is also packed with features including as standard what lesser cars offer as options.


    The same year they introduced the first diesel hybrid in an S-Class and the S65 AMG. There were also some innovations for the entire line-up. These included things like innovative touchpad system and optional head-up display.

    Last addition for 2014 was the S500 hybrid.


    The facelift is yet to come, since the original model came only two years ago. As usual it should bring significant technological improvements, deal with issues which might arise in the meantime, and maybe even offer some new engines.




    W222 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

    Model Year – 2013 – Present

    Class – Full-size luxury car

    Body Style – 4-door sedan, 2-door coupe (C217)

    Drive Wheels – RWD / AWD

    Seating – 5 (4 on some models)


    For information regarding our servicing options, please visit the Mercedes servicing page.

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Mercedes S-Class 2013 Onwards W222
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Mercedes S-Class 2013 Onwards W222

Mercedes S-Class 2013 Onwards W222

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