Mercedes R-Class 2006 to 2012 W251

Mercedes R-Class 2006 to 2012 W251

    Common Faults


    Guide Price £ TBC

    280 CDI – Failing turbo actuator can result in a loss of power, which might require a whole new turbo.


    Guide Price £ TBC

    M272 and M273 V6 Petrol Engines – Timing chain sprocket for balancer shaft may wear sooner than normal.


    Guide Price £ TBC

    Diesels Recall – Many diesels of the era had a recall due to a possible fuel leak at the fuel filter assembly.


    Guide Price £ TBC

    Tailgate – It has been known to stop working. In some cases the motor would burn, but in others a simple reprogramming solved the issue.


    Guide Price £ TBC

    Air Suspension – It is functioning ok generally, but there have been reports of failures and it is a pricey repair.


    Guide Price £ TBC

    TWC Temperature Sensor – It was known to fail and it was replaced by a different one. This failure results in the check engine sign lighting.


    Guide Price £ TBC

    Steering Wheel – Noises from the steering column may indicate that the upper steering shaft bearing is failing





    No recalls to report. Please let Star-Tec Engineering Ltd know if one has come out we have not shown.


    Model Types


    The R-Class came as a people carrier from Mercedes-Benz with no real predecessor. It was a Large MPV with five doors and six or seven seats, depending on the year of manufacture. The car was smoothly designed despite its massive size and it had engines with six or eight cylinders, clearly fitting into the luxury category. The pricing revealed this as well, since it was slotted between the M-Class and the GL-Class. As opposed to them, it had also short- and long-wheelbase versions.


    As the years were passing, there were several additions and changes. First off, 2007 brought an option of RWD added to the AWD. The original version had six seats, but from 2007 you could also go for seven. Styling wise, AMG exterior design features became available even for cars which were not powered by AMG engines. Lastly, there were two new engines, both with six cylinders and 3L of displacement.


    The most upscale version, of course, comes from AMG in the form of the R63 AMG. Mercedes-Benz aficionados will know from the name that the car features a hand-built V8 engine. It had the displacement of 6.2L and it produces 503hp and 465lb-ft of torque. The 7G-Tronic was also used in the R63 AMG, but it was tuned to fit the AMG driving style and it featured paddle shifters behind the steering wheel. Despite its size and weight, the most powerful R-Class reached 62 mph from a standstill in just 5 seconds.


    Trim Lines & Engines


    The R-Class was a high-class car, so plenty of standard equipment was expected and Mercedes-Benz delivered. AWD, brake assist, traction control, air conditioning, CD stereo, electrically adjusted front seats, 17” wheels and automatic headlights and windshield wipers were standard.


    SE Trim – Comes with metallic paint, electric seats with more adjustable features, leather upholstery and wood trim for the interior.


    Sport Trim – adds 19” wheels, more supportive seats and sports pedals, Alcantara trim for the seats and aluminium trim for the interior.


    As usual, the 500 models were more special, so they came with standard AirMATIC, dimming mirrors and better air conditioning. The R500 Sport also had 19” wheels, while the R500 SE came with an inch larger set compared to the regular SE models.


    In 2008 all of the other trim levels were dropped, but the car still had copious equipment packages and individual features to offer. Furthermore, AMG styling became standard as well as 18” wheels instead of 17”.






    3 l V6 190hp

    3 l V6 221hp

    3 l V6 210hp

    3 l V6 265hp



    3 l V6 228hp

    3.5 l V6 268hp

    5 l V8 302hp

    6.2 l V8 503hp


    Model History


    There is not much history behind the R-Class. It had no real predecessor and after a few model year changes and a 2011 revamp, the model was discontinued due to unsatisfying sales.


    The R-Class was supposed to serve as a new kind of car on the market, giving an alternative solution to buyers who wanted a crossover, but not an SUV. It came in 2006 as a luxury six-seater crossover with large engines, lots of equipment and elegant styling.


    The 2007 changes introduced RWD, more versatile seating with up to seven seats, AMG styling and two new V6 engine options.


    The only major facelift came in 2011 when the R-Class got a significantly different front design and several minor tweaks to do away with recurring issues and recall reasons.


    The R-Class was discontinued in 2013 leaving an empty space in the line-up only partially filled by the V-Class which is there to replace the R-Class and the Vito van.




    W251 Mercedes-Benz R-Class MPV/CUV

    Model Year – 2006-2013

    Class – Full-size MPV/CUV

    Body Style – 5-door CUV

    Drive Wheels – RWD / AWD

    Seating – 5, 6, or 7


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Mercedes R-Class 2006 to 2012 W251
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Mercedes R-Class 2006 to 2012 W251

Mercedes R-Class 2006 to 2012 W251

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