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One question we regularly receive from Putney motorists who are keen to speak with a Mercedes specialist before purchasing a vehicle from the renowned manufacturer, is: “will it be expensive to maintain my new car?” So in this article, we’ve looked to shed some light on just how much one can expect to spend on things like Mercedes servicing, MOT testing, and less common things like Mercedes diagnostics and Mercedes repairs when something goes wrong.


If you’ve found this page because you already have a Mercedes vehicle and require one of the aforementioned services, don’t hesitate to call us directly on 020 8397 2666. Star-Tec Engineering Ltd is based in Chessington, a short drive from Putney, and is London and Surrey’s go-to Mercedes specialist, delivering exceptional work at competitive prices.


Is Maintaining a Mercedes Expensive?


To keep running costs to a minimum, we recommend Putney motorists invest in full Mercedes servicing at least every year, even if you use it quite lightly. Not only does Mercedes servicing improve fuel efficiency, saving you money at the pumps, it safeguards you, your passengers and fellow motorists by protecting against the chance of a critical fault.


On top of this, the Mercedes diagnostics we carry out during the process will allow us to see any emerging problems, and fix them before they worsen and end up needing significant Mercedes repairs. Speaking of Mercedes repairs, one area of concern is that a premium vehicle costs more to repair due to the cost of better quality internal components. While this is true, these components are less likely to require repair, so really it’s an argument based on a flawed principle.


Another obligation is MOT testing. But here you don’t have to worry, as whether you come to us as a Mercedes specialist or go-to a general Putney garage, you’ll pay around the same price regardless of your vehicle. True, the quality of MOT testing (accuracy etc) will be better with a Mercedes specialist due to our area of expertise, but the price won’t madly differ.


To get back to the essential question, Mercedes maintenance is not expensive, according to research carried out by WhoCanFixMyCar. Audi was the most expensive manufacturer in this department (a whopping 24% more expensive than a Mercedes), followed by BMW. So the total bill for Mercedes repairs, Mercedes diagnostics, MOT testing and Mercedes servicing is certainly not scary, and no reason to be put of investing in these remarkable vehicles.



Searching for a reputable Mercedes specialist within easy distance of Putney? Call Star-Tec Engineering Ltd on 020 8397 2666!

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