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Mercedes has a reputation for creating sleek, stylish, reliable and high-performance vehicles that are known all over the world for their quality. But all cars can suffer mechanical issues; they’re complex things, with many different internal components subject to change or damage. Based in Chessington, Star-Tech Engineering Ltd is a Mercedes specialist popular amongst Earlsfield motorists, who make the short journey to our garage for everything from Mercedes repairs to MOT testing. We know every inch of these cars back to front, and consequently provide an unrivalled service.


We’re well acquainted with all common issues encountered during Mercedes diagnostics, Mercedes servicing or MOT testing. In this article, for the benefit of said Earlsfield clients, we’ve run through the top Mercedes issues to keep an eye out for. We hope it’ll give you the knowledge required to identify emerging problems. After all, staying vigilant and addressing faults before they worsen can save you a significant sum in any required Mercedes repairs, and ensure you don’t risk your health and safety.


Top Issues Identified During Mercedes Diagnostics


Noisy Struts


If you own an E Class vehicle made in the early to mid 90s, then there’s a chance you may have heard a banging or rattling sound coming from your struts. This is a common issue, due to them being loose or leaking. Make the trip from Earlsfield to our Mercedes specialist in Chessington. We deal with this issue all the time, and can quickly perform affordable Mercedes repairs to fix it.


Insulation Issues in Engine Harness Wires


Following an extended period of hot weather, you may find that the insulation around your engine wiring harness has deteriorated. This could lead to further problems that cause failed MOT testing, so should be dealt with when identified during Mercedes diagnostics / routine Mercedes servicing.


Transmission Leaks


Many Earlsfield motorists own Mercedes produced after 1995. These all feature electronic transmissions. They can be vulnerable to graphite build-up as a direct result of oil leaks from clutches. As a Mercedes specialist, we can quickly identify this issue and amend it.


Inaccurate MAS


There are a few different symptoms associated with a clogged airflow sensor, including inaccuracy. But more serious issues can follow on, like rough idling, hard starts and engine hesitation – which can put unwarranted stress upon your engine, and lead to expensive Mercedes repairs. So if you’re in Earlsfield and have noticed your Mass Airflow sensor being a bit off, or if we notice discrepancies during Mercedes diagnostics / MOT testing, we’ll usually recommend repair.


Failed Ignition


Engine power loss and component damage are two types of ignition failure that are often down to replacing spark plugs too infrequently. Most Mercedes specialists, including our own, recommend Earlsfield motorists do so every 75k-90k miles.



Located in or nearby Earlsfield, and suffering an issue with your vehicle? Visit Star-Tech Engineering Ltd, first port of call for Mercedes repairs and Mercedes diagnostics.

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