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Star-Tech Engineering Ltd, which receives a lot of custom from Balham motorists, is a bona fide Mercedes specialist providing a comprehensive range of services. Whether you’re suffering an issue with your vehicle and require Mercedes diagnostics and Mercedes repairs, or are looking to protect against faults with Mercedes servicing and fulfil your legal obligations via MOT testing, we’ve got you covered.


While you’ve likely found this page because you already have a Mercedes in the drive, many fans of the manufacturer get addicted and decided to upgrade/change model and not defect to another brand. So that’s why in this article, we’ve run through some of the best reasons for Balham motorists to invest in a Mercedes E Class.


More interested in booking in Mercedes repairs, MOT testing, or the aforementioned Mercedes diagnostics / Mercedes servicing? Feel free to cut right to the chase and call us on 020 8397 2666. Our Mercedes specialists have the expertise and experience required to work on such quality and high-spec vehicles.


Reasons to Invest in a Mercedes E Class


A Quiet Ride


The E Class features either a four or six cylinder diesel engine, offering a smooth and quiet ride. If you already own one and this doesn’t seem to be the case, we urge you to make the trip down from Balham to our Mercedes specialists. There may be something wrong with your engine, which requires Mercedes diagnostics and subsequent Mercedes repairs, or long overdue Mercedes servicing. Engine noise can be a sign of emerging problems, which could lead to failed MOT testing. So it pays to nip it in the bud!


Impressive Performance


…but quiet doesn’t mean that the performance is anything but punchy. Both engines offer a lot of power, which brings about fantastic acceleration, top speed and handling. If you’ve noticed a drop-off in speed over the time you’ve owned your vehicle this is grounds for investigation by a Mercedes specialist. Certain Mercedes repairs, and indeed annual Mercedes servicing, will insure that this performance stays sky high and unhampered.


Tech Savvy


It simply wouldn’t be a modern Mercedes without sophisticated integration of technology, and the E Class doesn’t disappoint. It packs in electrical seat adjustment, a Garmin sat-nav and a high-resolution, 8 and a half-inch touch screen as standard. As with anything electrical, sometimes thing can go wrong with these attractive and useful features. So if you find yourself with a concern, give us a call. We regularly assist Balham drivers who are experiencing tech faults. These only sometimes are significant enough to cause the failure of MOT testing, but they can be a real nuisance – and thus warrant Mercedes diagnostics, Mercedes repairs or fixing up during the annual Mercedes servicing we provide to vigilant owners.



Based in Chessington, easily reached from Balham, Star-Tec Engineering is a renowned Mercedes specialist offering a full array of services, including MOT testing.

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