German masters of high performance tuning Brabus are at it again. To celebrate their 40th anniversary at the Frankfurt motor show this year, Brabus have presented a seriously souped up version of the Mercedes S65 Cabriolet. 


The Rocket 900

Brabus' Rocket 900 is being touted as the fastest four seater convertible in the world. The Mercedes S65 Cabriolet wasn't exactly a slow car to begin with. Brabus have reworked the Mercedes V12 and increased the capacity to 6.3 litres. They've also beefed up the turbochargers and the crankshaft, and made entirely new pistons.



It Does What It Says on the Tin

The 900 in the name refers to the engine power, although only in metric terms. The Brabus Rocket has a mere 888bhp by British standards. By "mere" of course we mean face-tearingly powerful; the Rocket 900 gets from 0 to 60mph in 3.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 217mph, bringing it level with some of the highest performance super cars. All that power is fed through a seven speed automatic transmission.

Brabus claim that the car will achieve a fuel efficiency of 20.3mpg. We'll have to take their word for it at the moment, but that seems like an ambitious figure.

Ostentatious Styling

As well as having a bulkier, more racing car like body work, the Rocket 900 comes with 21 inch rims as standard, with a 22 inch option also available. It really is a huge car. Brabus has redesigned the body work in carbon fibre and attempted to maximise the aerodynamics. Brabus' tough, beefy style may not be for everyone.


Wallets at the Ready

This monster of a car can be yours for only €414,000 euros (that's excluding import duties of course). Better start saving!