At the 2017 Geneva Motor Show Mercedes took the covers off an estate version of its shiny new E-Class, set to go on sale next month. Like it's recently launched saloon it comes boasting a 4MATIC+ all-wheel-drive setup, and even an ‘S’ version with a bit more punch.



Merc’s ubiquitous 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 nestles under the bonnet, generating 563bhp in the standard E 63 and 604bhp in the ‘S’ version. With the new engine, the E 63 Estate is more powerful than its predecessor, and thanks to a bit of weightloss and cylinder deactivation technology it claims to be more efficient at 31mpg.


Performance-wise the Estate versions of the car are a 10th of a second slower to 62mph than their respective saloons. The E 63 Estate covers the distance in 3.6 seconds, with the E63 S Estate managing 3.5 seconds. 


Both versions are electronically bound to a 155mph top speed as standard.

That’s a little slower than the saloon’s 186mph v-max, but the small speed deficit is compensated for with a much larger boot space – with all seats in place the E 63 Estate comes with 640 litres of boot space, rising to 1,820 litres if the rear passengers seats are folded flat. 

Mercedes says first deliveries of the hot new Estate will take place August this year, and though the exact UK spec is TBC, prices should start a little higher than the £75,000 tag of the E 63 saloon.