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In our position as Mercedes specialists, Star-Tec Engineering provides an array of services for motorists in Leatherhead. From Mercedes repairs to MOT testing, and from Mercedes servicing to Mercedes diagnostics, our team of technicians does it all. With a shared experience of more than 45 years, and with specialist training undertaken at official Mercedes-Benz dealerships, our clients in Leatherhead can be sure that our team perform to the very highest of standards.


We recognise that some of our services can be wrapped in jargon that isn’t necessarily the easiest to understand. For the convenience of our customers, we have outlined our core services below, and provided some insight into what they consist of.


1. Mercedes Diagnostics

The Mercedes diagnostics checks we perform for our Leatherhead clients allow us to swiftly pinpoint issues with a vehicle’s systems in order to get it back to an optimal, and safe, performance as quickly as possible. Here at Star-Tec Engineering Ltd, we use a Mercedes-Benz Star Diagnosis with the very latest in Xentry software. When performing Mercedes diagnostics tests, we plug this machine directly into a vehicle’s ECU (engine control unit) and download the error codes. As highly-trained Mercedes Specialists, our staff then interpret these codes to find the exact source of the problem at hand. Mercedes diagnostics checks offer our clients a time-efficient, cost-effective, dealership-level service that never fails to impress.


2. Mercedes Servicing

As Mercedes specialists for Leatherhead and the surrounding areas, we undertake both ‘A’ and ‘B’ types of Mercedes servicing. As an integral part of any vehicle’s ongoing health, Mercedes servicing helps to ensure the optimal performance of a range of systems. The ‘A’ servicing is undertaken after 1 year, or after 10,000 miles travelled, while the more thorough ‘B’ servicing is carried after a year, or after 20,000 miles travelled. Regardless of the Mercedes servicing option, our technicians perform an oil filter replacement, check and correct tire inflation and fluid levels, inspect brake components as well as undertaking many other checks.


3. MOT Testing

In addition to Mercedes diagnostics and Mercedes servicing, MOT testing provides our Leatherhead clients with the ultimate peace of mind. When MOT testing has been passed, a driver can be sure that their vehicle is entirely safe, roadworthy and meets current emissions standards. MOT testing involves a checklist of visual inspections on a range of features including seatbelts, brakes, lights, steering and suspension, windscreen wipers, exhaust systems and many more. However, MOT testing does not involve any checks on the clutch, gearbox or engine. We offer MOT testing for vehicles of any make or model.


4. Mercedes Repairs

Whether one of our Leatherhead clients has undertaken Mercedes diagnostics, Mercedes servicing or MOT testing, a potential new step is Mercedes repairs. To put our clients at ease, Star-Tec Engineering Ltd only uses genuine Mercedes-Benz dealer-quality parts in any kind of Mercedes repairs we carry out. Not only does this ensure the continued optimal performance of any Mercedes vehicle, it also doesn’t void the manufacturer’s warranty. The genuine parts we use pass all relevant safety and performance tests and are externally assessed by Allianz Zentrum. So, regardless of the Mercedes repairs you may need, you can trust Sat-Tec Engineering Ltd to get the job done to the highest possible standards. We are Mercedes Specialists for a reason.


For more information regarding any of the above services, to book an appointment with our Mercedes specialists, please contact us.



If you require Mercedes repairs, Mercedes servicing, Mercedes diagnostics or MOT testing in Leatherhead, call 020 8397 2666.

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