Mercedes Diagnostics

A Dealer-Level Diagnostic Solution

XENTRY Diagnostics diagnosis software is now offering the best diagnostic solutions together with specific technician support to be able to deliver a perfect and dealer-level solution to independent garages, which allows us to work at a higher level.

A New Level of Diagnostics

The unique functions and exceptional features of this software actually offer a complete coverage to all the different Mercedes-Benz model ranges. These features are perfect to deliver high quality services to all car owners. These and more features makes this software more reliable and functional compared to other dealer-tool capabilities that are now available in the market.

Its functionality is continually improved by the specialist software engineers, and professional technicians of XENTRY Diagnostics software to allow our technicians to manage any type of fault efficiently and quickly with minimum disruptions and delays for the customers. This can also provide real time troubleshooting and diagnostic data, as well narrow down those potential causes of some problems, making it a very useful and powerful tool for vehicle maintenance.

With the use of XENTRY diagnostic solution, we are professionally equipped to be able to provide exceptional service and to repair the faults or problems that are demanded of many technically advanced vehicles these days while providing their customers with on-site service. This gives us an advantage that you will experience an improved and cost effective service level for all our customers.

Obtain the Advantages of XENTRY Diagnostics Diagnosis Software

Our diagnostics software is now offering you an opportunity to avoid problems with your vehicle. There is no need for you to suffer for long delays to just wait for the dealers’ workshop to complete the task, and there is also no need for you to spend so much money with the expensive services of main dealers. This enables us to offer higher level of service because it has the ability to remedy faults on-site without the need for dealers’ intervention. You will also obtain the unrivalled technical support from specialist engineers and technical support masters, giving you an assurance that all your services will be catered.