Mercedes C-Class 2007 to 2014 W204T

Mercedes C-Class 2007 to 2014 W204T

    Common Faults


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    M272 and M273 3.5L V6 engines are known for premature balance shaft timing chain sprocket failure between 96-128k km’s


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    High mileage OM651 2.1L turbo diesel engines (Mercedes C220) can develop cracks in the piezo-electric fuel injectors


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    All Mercedes C-Class models can experience wheel alignment issues due to the complexity of their suspension design


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    Cars equipped with the 7G 7-speed automatic should have their transmission fluid changed every 3-years / 48,000 km’s to avoid costly repairs to the transmission valve





    No recalls to report. Please let Star-Tec Engineering Ltd know if one has come out we have not shown.


    Model Types


    Models in this range to be listed shortly.


    Trim Lines & Engines


    Of course, this baby Benz was available with lots of options, and you could choose from two distinct flavours: Luxury (Elegance) & Sport (Avantgarde). We’ll review the wild AMG version separately.


    The SE trim ditches the chrome and extra garnish for a sporty appearance, while the luxurious Elegance is designed to appeal to a more traditional Mercedes customer. The interior seems to be an evolution of the Mercedes cabin from the 1980’s. There’s the classic gauge cluster brow, lots of nice materials and all of the lovely ‘click-click’ switches take just 0.04 n to activate  (seriously, they measured). A 2011 facelift extended the dash brow across the now integrated telematics screen. Your chosen flavour dictates the cabin trim, but either way, the interior’s going to look as nice as the outside.


    The Mercedes W204T was available with a variety of diesel and petrol engines. For sophisticated speed, the Mercedes C350 Avantgarde comes fitted with a 272-hp 3.5 litre V6, and can hit 100 km/h in just 6.4 seconds. However, this engine (known as the M272) and the direct injection version (CGI – M273), is known for premature balance shaft timing chain sprocket failure. This can occur around 96-128k km’s, and the repair can cost north of £3500.

    More practical models include the oil-burning C200 CDI, C220 CDI and C320 CDI. These are remarkably efficient cars, and the C320 CDI actually makes a decent amount of power, with 224-hp / 510 NM on tap. The most common problems with the diesel C-Class are fuel leaks around the fuel filler tube and fuel filter. And the piezo injectors on the C220’s common-rail fuel system can crack as the miles increase, necessitating a rather expensive trip to the garage.


    As with any modern vehicle, electrical glitches can manifest as time goes by. The W204T is no exception. The telematics system on early models can have trouble comprehending 7-digit postal codes. Transmission and engine control computers can miss-crunch a 1 or 0, requiring a dealer trip to get reprogrammed. And cars not fitted with the LED tail lamps, were recalled for a corroded ground connection that can cause the tail lamps to…not work.

    Regardless of the issues, the Mercedes W204 is no more problematic than a typical used executive car. If you think about it, the “4th Gen” C-Class is really about the same as the W201.


    So maybe the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


    Model History


    When the Mercedes W201 was launched back in the early 80’s, it was the most over-engineered base model car in the world. It felt as though the whole car was carved from a solid block of steel, and every part was made to last for a thousand years. Fast forward a couple of decades, and the W204T C-Class followed it’s grandfather’s recipe for success to the letter.


    Launched for the 2008 model year, the W204T Mercedes C-Class took 5 years and a boatload of money to develop. They started with an innovative digital prototype, then subjected it to 24 million kilometres of virtual roads. Engineers were able to use the resulting wear data and virtual crash test results to create a car that matched the pre-tested specs. The third-gen C-Class was then subjected to extensive real world testing, including over 100 in-house crash tests (this helped the W204 to achieve 5-stars on the Euro NCAP). Doors, door seals and door handles were tested in Sweden at minus 25c, then tested again at +50c in the deserts of California. The suspension was tested on the rocky roads of Namibia and the winding roads of Europe. It’s truly amazing how much effort was put into the design of this car.


    Once it finally hit showrooms in 2007, everyone fell in love with Mercedes’ new compact executive saloon. Journalists gave it awards and customers made it the top-selling car in MB’s range. People loved the new ‘solid’ feel, but most of them were unaware of all the tiny details that made up the W204 C-Class. For example, the aerodynamic team placed little vent holes in the edges of the tail lamps to expel air that gets drawn up through the rear bumper. This reduces rear lift and makes the car more stable at high speed. When equipped with the optional Agility Control active suspension, the 2008-2014 Mercedes C-Class is every bit as sharp as its arch nemesis the BMW 3-Series.




    Specifications to follow shortly.


    For information regarding our servicing options, please visit the Mercedes servicing page.

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Mercedes C-Class 2007 to 2014 W204T
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Mercedes C-Class 2007 to 2014 W204T

Mercedes C-Class 2007 to 2014 W204T

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