The Toxicity Charge is a new levy enacted on high polluting vehicles that were not early adopters of the Euro 4 emission standards regarding nitrogen oxide and particulates. Along with the Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) to be extended across the North and the South Circular roads, it represents a multi-pronged approach to drive out the guilty culprits poisoning the capital and those who have to live there. By discouraging the use of old and unfit vehicles around London, it is hoped that cleaner and healthier modes of travel will be adopted. One only has to observe the intricate network of cycling lanes around the City of London to appreciate the efforts being made to improve London's air quality.

London Mayor's T-Charge Set to Cost Jalopy Owners Dearly

On the 23rd October 2017, London Mayor Sadiq Khan set into motion the Toxicity charge or T-Charge, spelling doom and gloom for drivers of old and polluting vehicles. The new charge is a measure to clear the streets of London of the worst offenders in terms of harmful emissions. Drivers of cars and vans manufactured before 2006, which do not meet the strict Euro 4 emission standards, will be hit with a whopping £10 surcharge to enter into the capital. The T-Charge will be in addition to the London Congestion Charge already in place and will operate within the same boundaries as the Congestion Charge, utilising the same entry and exit camera network and is payable during the same hours as the Congestion Charge: 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. This brings the total charge payable by unlucky drivers to £21.50 a day and is likely to affect those least likely to be able to afford the charge.

What Can I Do If I am Liable to Pay the Charge?

If you suddenly find yourself liable for this charge there is a way to avoid the effect of the new T-Charge. It could be an ideal time to look at your vehicle trade-in options towards a new or quality used car or van. If you commute into Central London everyday, you would be saving yourself over £300 a month, which you could put towards your monthly finance payments on a more environmentally-friendly Mercedes. The charge only applies to petrol and diesel cars and vans manufactured before 2006, however some vehicles manufactured before 2006 were early adopters of the drive towards lower emissions and will be exempt. Check if your Mercedes-Benz is liable for the new T-Charge here:

Is the T-Charge Really Necessary?

In all honesty, yes! The polluting nature of older diesel and petrol cars is well documented as a health hazard for those living and working in and around the congestion zone. So, further increasing the pressure on lowering emissions has got to be the way forward. And, rather than the Mayor introducing an outright ban, drivers are presented with a formidable deterrent that should help to lower emission levels in London. Thankfully, finding out if your old pre-2006 vehicle is subject to this new charge is a fairly straightforward process. Transport for London (TfL) has set up a website for those who want to learn more about the new T-Charge, including charging zones and residents discount.


Your guide to London's T-Charge