Because your Mercedes is special, it needs special attention. That is why it is a smart idea to take it to a Mercedes specialist service centre.


A Mercedes is a very special type of vehicle. Its world-class performance means that it offers more horsepower and a better top speed than your average vehicle

In addition, the comfortable, ergonomic interiors make it a highly enjoyable car to drive.

What can a Mercedes specialist service centre do for your car?

We bring our in-depth knowledge of the Mercedes to every job that we complete. Taking great care to tailor our service to the unique requirements of this vehicle, we will work hard to preserve the smooth workings of your Mercedes and the superior power of its engine. From the polished wood trim and the atmospheric LED lighting systems to the intricate yet robust engine, your Mercedes is a work of art that needs personal care and attention. 

Is a Mercedes specialist service centre just for Mercedes vehicles?

Not at all. Any type of vehicle can be brought to a Mercedes-approved service centre for a service. Mechanics and engineers who are trained to deal with a Mercedes will be able to offer a higher quality service in general, no matter what the make and model of your car. This is because a Mercedes is a much more complex and beautifully made type of vehicle than most other cars and as a result, if a mechanic is skilled at working with a Mercedes, she or he will be more than able to deal with any other vehicle.

How often should a Mercedes be serviced?

Your Mercedes should be treated to at least an annual service. However, a 6 monthly service is a good idea as this makes it easier to catch any problems as they arise. In between services, any issues (whether this is something small like the need to replace windscreen wipers or something bigger like a stuttering and spluttering engine) should be checked out by a Mercedes-approved service centre as soon as possible.

Time for a service? Book yourself in today

Hav you realised that it is time to have your Mercedes serviced? Booking yourself in for an appointment is very quick and easy to do. Sort it out today, so that you can continue driving safe in the knowledge that everything is ok with your car.