The top selling car lists always make intriguing reading, because people choose cars for so many reasons. Some opt for fuel economy and some for luxury. Some are concerned with which have the highest safety ratings and others simply want whatever is cheapest on the market. 

As a Mercedes driver, you are obviously concerned with top build quality and cutting-edge technology – Mercedes is a company that understands that in the modern era, all those other factors have to be taken into account. This is why we are seeing a change in car buying trends. In the past, it cannot be denied that the top selling cars were the equivalent of magnolia walls in a new house – they were the ones that did everything acceptably, but by trying to be all things to all men, they were never going to be cars that would get the pulse racing. 

Autocar magazine has recently published its latest top ten list of best-selling cars. Can you guess which Mercedes is featured?

The most popular Mercedes

If you guessed the C-class, then congratulations, you are right. And if you guessed the A-class, then congratulations, you are right too! Yes, there are actually two of Stuttgart's finest in this year's top ten, proving that “the best or nothing” is not just the company's slogan – it is also a maxim that an increasing number of car buyers are choosing to live by. 

As Autocar was quick to observe, it is unusual to see a premium motor vehicle in the top ten, but the C-Class now has a huge following, thanks to its top of the range features and the fantastic reviews that it has garnered from the motoring press. The high resale value of a properly maintained Mercedes means that it also makes solid financial sense.

As for the A-class, this was the car that singlehandedly invented the concept of the luxury small car when it was released in 1997. Twenty years on, the segment is now crowded with every manufacturer producing their own offering, but the original is still the best, and is the only vehicle in this segment to make the top ten.

What else made the list?

The market might be evolving, but it has not changed entirely. Mercedes is the only premium manufacturer to feature in the top ten, which makes the fact that it has two models in the list even more astonishing. The other entrants are definitely of the magnolia variety. The famous blue oval makes its usual appearances with Fiesta, a car that has been a staple of Britain's roads for a remarkable 40 years, and the Focus assuming their usual top spots. 

The remaining places are taken up by offerings from Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Nissan and Mini – the latter just scraping into the top ten having been pushed down by the A-class. 

You might wonder where Mercedes' main rivals BMW, Lexus and Audi are in all this? The answer is they are nowhere in sight. 


Which Mercedes is one of Britain's best-selling cars