Since 1997, Mercedes vehicles have been fitted with Flexible Service System, a computer system which alerts the driver when regular Mercedes servicing is needed. It also informs the driver whether the required service is an A or B service - or if your Mercedes has the ASSYST PLUS system, service intervals continue all the way to “Service H". But what are these services and how often do they need to be performed?

Mercedes service intervals

Typically, Mercedes service intervals are performed around every 10,000 miles or annually, whichever is more frequent. The on-board Flexible Service System determines the precise interval required for each vehicle based on its operating environment.

Your car will require more frequent Mercedes servicing if the computer has regularly detected that it is regularly subjected to more difficult driving conditions such as:

  • Frequent stop/start driving, usually caused by congested city driving.
  • Regular operation in dusty, wet, muddy or very dry conditions.
  • The car is often not warmed up before embarking on short trips.
  • Regular driving at altitude.
  • Frequent trailer or caravan towing.

If regularly subjected to extreme conditions, the service intervals for your Mercedes may drop to every 3,000 miles. Additionally, certain Mercedes-Benz models, including diesels, those produced by AMG and those cars with V12 engines have different Mercedes service needs which Star-Tec Mercedes can also assist with.

What is a Mercedes Service A

A Mercedes Service A, also called a Mercedes Minor Service, Flex A or Schedule A, is first performed after around 10,000 miles or after a year on the road. The Mercedes Minor Service involves checking all fluid levels and ensuring they are at the correct levels, replacing the oil and the oil filter, checking the tyres are inflated to the correct pressure and inspecting the brakes to ensure there are no problems. This service is then repeated approximately every second year, with the Mercedes Major Service being performed in alternate years.

What is a Mercedes Service B

The Mercedes Service B, also called a Flex A or Schedule A, is a Mercedes Major Service. Like the Mercedes Service A, tyre pressures are checked and the oil and filters are replaced. In addition, the combination/cabin dust filter is changed, the brake fluid is replaced and the brakes are inspected. This service also includes an inspection of the underside of the car, inspection of the engine compartment for major component leakage and chafe marks and a re-alignment of the headlamps is performed.

Mercedes models that run on diesel have the same service interval for their Service B but the vehicles require some extra servicing. Typically this includes the replenishment of AdBlue, the diesel exhaust fluid that reduces emissions in modern diesel cars. In addition, the replacement of the fuel filter is usually required.

In the case of the Mercedes ASSYST PLUS, Service C-H intervals are time-dependent schedules that indicate a certain amount of hours necessary for the maintenance. For example, Schedule C is a three-hour service, D is a four-hour service etc.

Such service schedules should always be performed by a qualified technician. If you have any questions related to your Mercedes-Benz servicing, including what your vehicle may need, do not hesitate to contact our specialists for advice. To book your Mercedes in for a service with one of Surrey's leading independent Mercedes specialists, call Star-Tec Mercedes on 0208 397 2666.