Brabus is a well-known Mercedes-Benz and smart specialist tuning company focusing on extreme engine modifications to maximise power - resulting in very desirable high-performance automobiles. They happen to be the largest Mercedes tuner alongside AMG, although AMG is owned by DaimlerChrysler, whilst Brabus is independent. The company is of German origins and was founded in 1977.

History and Legacy of Brabus

Body Buschmann founded Brabus after being unable to find anyone that could meet his custom needs and wants. He decided to create his own brand for customisation of cars, he called the company "Brabus" and registered the trademark in 1977 within Germany. As per German law at the time, two people were required to sign off for a company to be registered. Brackman agreed to sign off to help Bushmann establish his company but he had no real interest in the auto industry, so eventually sold his shares to Buschmann and he became the sole owner of the company.

Brabus' Current Operations

Brabus is a company known to emphasise the pure horsepower of a vehicle, one of their main goals within any vehicle is to increase the engine performance beyond its maximum limit. Brabus is not only involved in the mechanical operations of a vehicle but they also supply visual add-ons such as body kits, carbon-fibre splitters, alloy wheels, engine remapping and disc brakes.

Brabus offers engines in various horsepower ranges, they have small 200/150KW engines to juggernauts with 900/670KW of power. Brabus has two ways of service, one is for customers to buy pre-made cars from their wide selection and the other is for the customer to hand Brabus their car for enhancement and modifications to be made. The process of directly purchasing a car from Brabus requires them to obtain the vehicle from Mercedes and make customisations according to the buyer's needs.

The Difference between AMG and Brabus

These two are commonly confused as they are both large Mercedes tuners within the industry, there are however a few notable differences between the two.

  • AMG is owned by the Mercedes while Brabus is a third party offerer
  • AMG is more popular due to the nature of being owned by Mercedes as they can stick their badges on all vehicles
  • Brabus wins in term of pure horsepower due to their wide range of engine sizes
  • Some of AMG's engineers have worked on Brabus' cars

However, the comparison between the two is quite moot today. Both companies have come out and said that they don't have the same goals or aims and ultimately serve a different purpose altogether. Nowadays, AMG and Brabus work alongside each other to deliver some astonishing vehicles, clearing rumours that there is bad blood between the two.

Overall, whatever tuner you choose to handle your vehicle's mechanical needs is up to you. You should consider Brabus if you love the prospect of lots of horsepower as they are known to deliver the utmost service in this area as well as rich customisation options.


What is Brabus