Mercedes-Benz is a brand that has always combined luxury with performance. This is true across the complete range of cars, SUVs, estates, coupes, roadsters, convertibles and more.

With so many devices coming onto the market, the bonus of combining one of these with your ultimate driving machine will improve your overall driving experience.

Here are ten gadgets that you may like to add for a more enjoyable, safer and less stressful journey.

The Parrot Asteroid Mini

This is the ultimate in a hands-free multimedia system that is mounted on your dashboard. It will integrate with the Mercedes audio system and mobile phone to give you voice-activated calls. It will also access every music and sound source and bring web radio, navigation instruments, alerts, and points-of-interest tools.

The GoPro HD Hero5 Black

Go Pro Hero 5
Photo Credits: GoPro

This is the most versatile camera in the world and can be used to create films of your ultimate Mercedes driving experience. Once activated (includes WI-FI), it will deliver videos in the finest HD of your manoeuvres and those of fellow motorists.


The Griffin iTrip with Aha

Once this device is installed, you can tune into more than 30,000 radio stations. It can be configured to update your journey with points of interest, local weather, and travel reports.

The Road Angel Gem

This is a fantastic little gadget to have in the cabin of your Mercedes. It warns you about speed cameras and keeps you informed about the speed limit. The Road Angel has the most up-to-date database about road hazards and pieces that are considered accident black spots. The unique service offered by this gadget allows the driver to speak to an operator if there is trouble. The operator will make an assessment of the situation, and contact the relevant services.

The Cobra iRadar Atom

iRadar Atom
Photo Credit: CNET

This is another police detection device that can sense when there are mobile speed traps ahead. If this is also connected to a smartphone, data can be shared with other users.

The Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics

When this marvellous device is plugged into the car's OBD 2 port, it will give the driver up-to-the-minute data on the health of the engine. When paired with a smartphone, it can be utilised as a remote control door locking and opening application, check speed and mileage and start the engine. It is also possible to set boundaries on how far the car can travel. The ultimate parent control unit.

The Devium Dash

This device allows the user to mount a smartphone and hook it directly into the vehicle's stereo system. This has lots of functions and will also recharge the phone while it is attached.

The SuperTooth HD

A high-performance Bluetooth speakerphone that is at least twice as powerful as any other device on the market. It has a voice sensitive recognition system and will dial, answer or reject calls, along with checking voicemail and reading out loud incoming SMS messages.

The Kensington Proximo

This small but smart device will make sure that you never lose your car keys again and will help you locate where it is parked. It also acts as a tracker if you valuable Mercedes-Benz is stolen.

The Handpresso Wild Espresso Maker

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To combat tiredness, put one of these gadgets in the cabin of your Mercedes and you can have fabulous espresso coffee, on demand. This is a non-electrical, small, and highly portable. It is a big luxury to have around.