All-wheel drive systems used to only be equipped in large vehicles like SUVs and trucks but Mercedes-Benz has an all-wheel system for many models within its extensive range. Mercedes-Benz's advanced 4Matic system helps drivers get the most out of their Mercedes traction-wise, by controlling all four tyres with smart technology. The feature can also detect the terrain of the road or ground and adapt accordingly.

Models that have the 4Matic system incorporated

The bulk of Mercedes-Benz cars have 4Matic installed and ready for use. As for specific models, the UK's bestselling saloon car, the Mercedes C-Class, plus the A-Class, B-Class, CLA, E-Class, S-Class, G-Class, GLA, GLC, GLE and GLS all have the 4MATIC system installed as standard or offer a variant with all-wheel drive system installed. So, your next Mercedes-Benz doesn't have to be limited by a lack of an all-wheel drive system, as plenty of models from the luxury carmaker have the feature available - from luxury saloons to large SUVs.

The process of the 4Matic system and how it works

For those who love the technicalities of the automotive industry, you're going love to know the inner-workings of the 4MATIC system. It is much more than a traditional four-wheel drive system, engaging all four wheels at one time to provide incredible traction.

The 4Matic drive system is far different from your regular system, much more advanced if you will. The company breaks new ground by offering optimal traction control, a centre differential for better handling and balance and a hefty 4-Wheel electronic traction system to resume utmost control of every wheel. All of which provide the chance of unrivalled driver's confidence even on the toughest of roads. It is also fully integrated with the vehicles Antilock Braking System and the Electronic Stability Program, to detect the exact moment when your wheels lose control and to compensate for this loss of control, it sends a burst of power into the wheel that needs it the most. After this, the system will release control to you and allow complete manual navigation.

Drivers with vehicles that have the 4MATIC system installed enjoy many driver safety features like the integrated drivetrain program. As been mentioned before, when the weather goes nasty, your vehicle stays sturdy thanks to the 4MATIC system. Should you get stuck on an ice patch or snow bank in the British winter,  the 4MATIC system will send torque to the other three wheels and reinvigorates them with power, enabling enough grip and performance to continue your journey.

Mercedes-Benz have been developing innovative technologies within the automotive industry for decades and this great system is no exception. If you're after a luxury vehicle that offers advanced technology to provide superior control even in harsh conditions, all whilst elevating the pleasure of driving, we recommend considering a Mercedes-Benz with 4MATIC.