Mercedes Benz is one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world which was founded about ninety-one years ago. The car brand has received many online searches of people trying to discover the evolution of the now famous car manufacturer. There are ten fascinating facts about Mercedes Benz which you are about to discover.

1. The first Mercedes car was manufactured by the company’s co-founder Karl Benz in 1886 and was powered by gasoline. His fiancée Bertha later joined in the car making project following a marriage law which required her to do so. The name of the automobile company was partly coined from the co-founders’ name Benz.

2. The slogan for the car brand is ‘the best or nothing,’ a philosophy which motivates employees to be keen on detail when manufacturing cars.

3. The car brand is one of the leading companies which supply dignitaries with custom made cars. The Pope, for example, rides a bullet-proof with oxygen systems Mercedes-Benz M-Class SUV.

4.In 2013, Mercedes Company was ranked at number thirty in Fortune 100 ‘Best Companies to Work For.’ This rank shows the dedication of the company to provide the best working facilities and remuneration for its employees.

5. There is a sculptor in New Jersey at Kinden Park Cemetery of Mercedes-Benz 240 Diesel which was erected in remembrance of a young Mercedes fanatic which resembles an actual car. The monument cost $500,000 in 1970 to have every detail of a real car put in place.

6. Karl Benz, the Mercedes Benz inventor and co-founder was the first to own a driving licence. This followed complaints from people about his deafening noise and smell produced by his Motorwagen which compelled him to seek a written permission to drive his car in public from the Gran Ducal Authority.

7. The Mercedes Benz S-Class has added an ‘active perfuming system’ which gives the car four different fragrances depending on the owner’s preference. This technology could have been inspired by the criticism received by Karl Benz from the public following his smelly Motorwagen car.

8. In 1940, there were almost no roads in Nepal when King Tribhuvan received the first car as a gift from Adolf Hitler. The car was a 1938 model Mercedes Benz which was hand-carried to Nepal’s capital where there were a few roads Kathmandu group of men.

9. The Mercedes-AMG high-performance engines which are assembled in Germany at the Affalterbach’s AMG plant are assembled by hand. The ‘One Man-One Engine’ governs the whole process where a highly qualified technician is mandated with carrying the whole process of fixing the engine. The technician is also responsible for signing the engine plate after various tests on the engine to ascertain that its performance is satisfactory.

10. The Mercedes Benz three-pointed star which is on every car symbolises land, sea, and air. The use of these three features signifies the dominance of the car brand on land, sea and air, setting the bar high enough for other car manufacturers.