Mercedes B-Class 2005-2011-W245

Mercedes B-Class 2005-2011-W245

    Common Faults


    Guide Price £ TBC

    Glow Plugs – Condensation can cause the glow plugs to corrode into the cylinder heads, resulting in a no start / hard start situation.


    Guide Price £ TBC

    Water Pump – The water pump bolts can, in some cases, work their way loose, resulting in an expensive repair.


    Guide Price £ TBC

    CVT – Premature failure of the valve body is a common problem.





    No recalls to report. Please let Star-Tec Engineering Ltd know if one has come out that we have not shown.


    Model Types


    The W245 Mercedes B-Class is a 5 door, 5 passenger luxury MPV. It was available in basic trims, all the way up to a highly optioned family cruiser. A 2008 update brought new front and rear fascias, along with lots of new features, including Headlamp Assist, Hill-Start Assist, and LED tail lamps that flash under hard braking.


    Trim Lines & Engines


    The W245 B-Class is available in the following trims:


    Standard – Electric windows, electric mirrors, selective damping, two-level cargo floor, front, side and curtain airbags and an anti-theft alarm.


    SE – Adds 16-inch wheels, chrome highlights, automatic headlights and rain-sensing windscreen wipers.


    Turbo – Comes with turbocharged engine, 18-inch AMG alloys, sport suspension, unique interior and exterior trim.


    Sport – Adds specialised wheels, along with unique interior and exterior trim.


    The W245 B-Class can be found with one of these four engines:


    1.5 litre petrol – 95 bhp

    1.7 litre petrol – 117 bhp

    2.0 litre petrol – 135 bhp

    2.0 litre diesel – 193 bhp





    5-speed manual

    6-speed manual

    CVT automatic


    Model History


    With the surprising popularity of the subcompact A-Class, Mercedes decided to take that idea even further. So in 2005, Stuttgart unveiled the slightly larger W245 Mercedes B-Class. It was billed as a Compact Sports Tourer, but everyone with eyes could see that it was actually a luxury MPV. And that was just fine, because this first generation B-Class was one of the most practical Mercedes’ to date.


    To maximize passenger and cargo room, the W245 Mercedes B-Class used an advanced version of the “sandwich floor” found in the A-Class. This patented design mounts the drivetrain between two steel plains. In a head-on collision, the engine and transmission will slide between these two floors, instead of intruding into the passenger compartment. This obviously makes the car safer, but it also raises the seats 20 cm for better visibility, creating a flatter, wider floor for more room on the inside.


    With such a commodious platform to work with, Mercedes engineers devised a rather clever seating system for the W245 B-Class. Called Easy-Vario / Easy-Vario-Plus, this optional seating package allowed owners to fold the rear seats in such a way as to vary the height of the load floor. The rear and front passenger seats could also be removed entirely, swelling the cargo hold to a van-like 1995 litres. And you could have all of this practicality wrapped in leather, and topped with a huge glass sunroof.


    As with any Mercedes product, the W245 B-Class was designed to be safe and drive extremely well. Besides the sandwich floor, there’s a bevy of safety features, including front / side airbags, window airbags (rear side airbags were optional) and stability control. To keep you and all of your cargo going in the intended direction, the W245 Mercedes B-Class employed (standard) self-adjusting dampers that could instantly switch from soft and comfortable, to firm and sporty to reduce body-roll and improve control. Of course, there was a wide range of diesel and petrol engines to suit any need / budget.




    W245 Mercedes-Benz B-Class

    Model Years: 2005-2011

    Class: Hatchback

    Body Style: 5-door hatchback

    Drive Wheels: Front Wheel Drive

    Seating: 5

    Wheelbase: 2786 mm (05-08) / 2779 mm (09-11)

    Total Length: 4270 mm (05-08) / 4272 mm (09-11)

    Total Width: 1778 mm

    Total Height: 1613 mm (05-08) / 1603 mm (09-11)





    1.5 litre petrol  – 95 bhp

    1.7 litre petrol  – 117 bhp

    2.0 litre petrol  – 136 bhp

    2.0 litre diesel – 193 bhp





    5-speed manual

    6-speed manual

    CVT Automatic


    For information regarding our servicing options, please visit the Mercedes servicing page.

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Mercedes B-Class 2005-2011-W245
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Mercedes B-Class 2005-2011-W245

Mercedes B-Class 2005-2011-W245

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